Window Board Ups To Protect Your Biz

Need Board Up Services Fast?

Board up services usually require immediate attention. We understand that you may own a business or be a landlord and have a business window broken or cracked. When this happens you need your window fixed or repaired quickly.

But in some cases the best that can be done is board up the compromised window quickly and then work on resolving the glass issue.

Business owners and businesses usually cannot operate with a cracked or broken window. It compromises the integrity of your property. Thieves do not need the encouragement of a compromised business. That’s why boarding up a broken or cracked window is so important.

At Tempe Glass we make board up services for business and residential homes a top priority. Are you in a rush and need immediate boarding up? Call us at 480-351-1707

Affordable Board Up Services in Tempe AZ & Surrounding Areas

Tempe Glass can help you with fast and affordable board up services. We not only service Tempe AZ, but all surrounding areas, including Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, and more. We can get out to your business fast. Just call our phone and if you’re calling before or after business hours, leave a message and indicated that it’s an emergency. A qualified glass technician will be at your place of business usually within hours to assist you with your board up needs. We can also quote you on what the cost of the glass repair or replacement will cost you so you have a clear idea of what you’ll be paying. Additionally, Tempe Glass is accepted by almost all insurance companies so if you have business insurance, you’ll be good to go. Want to learn more? Please give us a call today at 480-786-3565.