Custom Glass Table Top Services
Beautiful glass table top cut and installed by Tempe Glass in Tempe AZ

Glass Table Tops by Tempe Glass

Need a glass table top? What about a custom cut glass shape to replace your existing table top? You’ve come to the right company. At Tempe Glass, we love helping clients come up with new and exciting ways to refurbish furniture with a new glass look. What cut or design do you want? We can make your table top custom cut, beveled, polished and tempered at our manufacturing plant in Phoenix. This guarantees a perfectly customized fit, giving you the opportunity to choose the glass shape, size and edge you want, and get it delivered to you in record time for your office or home.

Whether it’s for a glass table top cover or a glass table top replacement, the steps for customizing your glass table top are the same. All of our glass table tops are custom, which means that all pieces can be created to your exact specification. If you need a glass table top created, we encourage you to touch base with us. We can give you a no-obligation quote on your job.

Why Tempe Glass for Your Glass Table Tops?

  • Protect your furniture from glass rings, scratches, nicks, sun damage and scuffs.
  • Glass table tops are one of the best ways to add an additional shine to your furniture.
  • Table top glass can even beautifully complete a night stand or plant stand.

Even with our best efforts, life happens and sometimes  glass gets broken. Thankfully, having your glass replaced does not have to be a major hassle if you let Tempe Glass assist you. If you want to give a room a certain upgraded look or actually replace a broken piece of glass, we can assist you. We provide great selections and our glass technicians can install your glass table tops very quickly in most cases. Let us know your ideas and thoughts. Our glass craftsmen will help create the glass table top to fit your needs. We will work with you on creating exact specifications to get the job done right. We can custom cut almost any shape too!

We offer a variety of table top selections and shapes. Whether you need glass for a table top or shelf Tempe Glass will work with you and provide the quality look you are seeking. Call us today at 480-351-1707 to get started!