Mirror Repairs & Custom Mirrors

Quality Custom Mirrors in Tempe

Interior or a bathroom in Tempe AZ which has a custom mirror installed from Tempe GlassAt Tempe Glass, our mirrors are custom cut according to your specifications and professionally installed by our master glass team. We customize our mirrors to fit your needs so you can get creative with your space. Have an outlet or light switch on the wall that you do not want moved? No problem, we can notch or cut out in the exact place needed to provide access to anything you may have on the wall.

Our custom mirrors are offered in 1/4″ thickness and safety backed mirrors are available in 1/8″ thickness as these are the most common mirror sizes and should serve your needs well. Mirrors come available in rectangular, square, circular or oval shapes.

Do you want a flat polish edge, seamed or beveled edge? A flat polished edge means the edges are polished to a smooth and shiny finish. A seamed edge means the edges are sanded to dull the sharp edges to make for safer handling and installation. But you will want a seamed edge if the mirror will be framed and where the edges will not be visible.

Why Tempe Glass For Your Mirrors?

Tempe Glass has decades of experience in custom cutting and installing mirrors. We’ve worked with all types of shapes and have completed a wide array of complex custom mirror projects in the Tempe area. We’re confident we can help you with any mirror jobs you may have. And customer satisfaction is ALWAYS our number 1 priority. Fast, affordable, and courteous is the Tempe Glass way.

We have several mirror types. Common mirror types include clear, bronze and grey. Please ask our mirror experts for recommendations and guidance.

Mirror glass is heavy and fragile. Installation is only one part of the process. Correct wall support is critical. That is why our installers will consult with you not only about placement but support and by using the proper techniques, including the use of j-bars or l-bars and mirror clips. Safety backing may be required.

Mirrors are also used by a variety of businesses, such as fitness studios, commercial and residential gyms, yoga studios, pilates & ballet studios, dance and martial arts studios and even massage/spas centers.The key aspect of any gym or workout room is to present a comfort level and making the room inviting. A good gym mirror appropriately placed will give any room an expanded look and feel.

As always, for best results please contact one of our mirror experts to discuss your needs by calling 480-351-1707.