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Exceptional Sliding Glass Door Repairs

Are you having issues with your sliding glass door? Let the experts at Tempe Glass have a look!Are you having troubles with your patio door? Did a landscaper have a rock kick up while mowing your lawn and shatter your glass? Does it just not want to open smoothly anymore? No worries, Tempe Glass is here to help.

Trust a professional – removing and installing sliding glass doors requires an experienced technician. Considering the safety issue of your door, do not trust your sliding glass door to an amateur. Some of the nuances of your sliding glass door may require an easy fix or repair while other doors can be more complicated. No matter, our experienced technicians can handle nearly all of your sliding glass door repair needs.

Patio Door Rollers

Rollers – there are potentially hundreds of different types of rollers in the industry. However, we carry the most common types and can handle most situations. Rollers usually last a long time.

However, over the years they do wear out from overuse. If we do not have your brand/type of roller in stock we often can order it quickly.  Rollers are a main component to a sliding glass door.

Most homeowners who have a sliding glass door has experienced issues with rollers becoming worn down. It causes your door to become difficult to move. It’s usually an easy fix.

Patio Door Roller and/or Track Repair

Track Replacement – When rollers are not replaced in a timely manner it can affect the track. When rollers are worn out they can actually dig into the track and further deteriorate your track. Tracks are usually made of aluminum and will become damaged.

Another reason tracks need replaced is due to stucco underneath the tracks being exposed to continuous moisture that eats away at the aluminum tracking. But in Arizona this is not a common occurrence.

Stainless steel track mounts are a potentially less expensive option but our technician will advise if that option is viable. They are usually a short term option. If you plan on living in the home for a long duration replacing the track is a better solution.

Patio Door Handle Repair

Locks and Handles – Your security is paramount. Having locks and handles that function correctly is vitally important to the protection of your family and the security of your home. Naturally, we carry and wide assortment of locks and handles to fit most needs.